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SAS Agro Fertilizers:
Quality You Can Trust

Premium Fertilizers for Enhanced Crop Yields

At SAS Agro Kimya, we're dedicated to bringing you innovative and sustainable solutions for farming. Our team is committed to boosting agricultural goals while ensuring eco-friendly practices. ​We focus on solutions that enhance soil health, cut down on water use and pollution, and improve sustainability. With an emphasis on research, development, and customer satisfaction, SAS Agro aims to lead the fertilizer industry.​​

Tractor spraying fertilizer on crops

Explore SAS Agro's range of solid, NPK, liquid and pure fertilizers, expertly designed and formulated to provide your plants with precisely the right nutrients for robust and healthy growth throughout every season.

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Perfect for foliar application or drip irrigation systems, these fertilizers support vigorous growth, increased resistance to stress, and optimal crop performance.

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Our solid and NPK fertilizers are meticulously crafted to provide high-concentration nutrients in their most accessible forms. Whether you need specific micronutrients or balanced formulations, SAS Agro's solid and NPK fertilizers are designed to meet the precise needs of your crops. 

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Our pure fertilizers are formulated to provide a steady and consistent release of essential nutrients, ensuring your plants receive the sustenance they need throughout the growing season.

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Innovation-Driven Solutions

With over 20 years in the field, SAS Agro is dedicated to innovation that minimizes the environmental impact of farming. We aim to boost crop yields and profitability for our customers. Our passionate team is focused on advancing the farming industry with sustainable solutions. We stay at the forefront of innovation, excited to contribute to our customers' success.

Tractor spraying fertilizer on crop field

Better For Farmers, Better For The Planet

Sustainability is key at SAS Agro. We're on a mission to create fertilizers that maximize crop yields and minimize harm to the environment. Our carefully balanced nutrient combinations, when applied thoughtfully, deliver great results for farmers and keep our environment healthy. We're driven by a passion to help farmers get the most from their land while taking care of our planet.

Data-Powered Agriculture

SAS Agro is all about delivering top-notch fertilizers tailored to farmers' needs. Our advanced fertilizers are made to work seamlessly with modern agricultural tech. They're optimized to provide the right nutrients for plants to thrive, all while using minimal amounts. Our commitment is not only to effectiveness but also to being environmentally responsible. Our goal is to benefit ecosystems and the communities they support.

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